Our Volumetric Glassware


GSGI performs the calibration process for Volumetric Glassware with fully automatic state-of-the-art calibration machines that eliminate any possibility of human error. This also ensures a high degree of repeatable measurements for all volumetric products.

GSGI has an in-house set-up of a well-equipped temperature-controlled calibration laboratory with precision electronic balances, thermometers and stopwatches.

Calibration of Volumetric Glassware is entrusted to only trained and experienced technicians.

The following steps are carried out by highly precise, fully automated computer controlled machines.

  1. Filling the Volumetric blanks with a precisely-defined amount of de-mineralized water under controlled temperature.
  2. The meniscus is determined with a camera at the exact lowest point of the water level, and the calibration mark is made with a fine diamond wheel. This gives accuracies that cannot be achieved by manual calibration.
  3. Cylinders, Burettes and Pipettes are marked at a minimum of two calibration points.
  4. The wet surface area factor is always taken into account, throughout the process.
  5. The working temperature in our calibration laboratory is maintained at 22°C ± 2°C.
  6. All Volumetric Products are calibrated either as To Contain (TC/In) or To Deliver (TD/Ex)


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